Bo Ferger
Bo Ferger, Senior Executive

3.VBo Ferger is a seasoned veteran in planning, marketing, managing and growing technology opportunities into profitable businesses. Ferger currently serves as Senior Partner at Three Point Ventures, which he co-founded in 2009. Three Point Ventures is an business and marketing strategy firm focused on helping clients turn their ideas into stronger business ventures. Ferger's most significant value he brings to these opportunities is in contributing his diverse years of experience as an senior executive operating all aspects of technology and entertainment ventures.

Light VisionsFerger’s diverse career spans both the entertainment and technology fields. He began his career as a founding partner in Light Visions, an Atlanta-based 3D digital graphics house whose clients included CNN, United Artists, and General Cinemas.

After moving to Burbank, CA in 1992, Ferger gained extensive experience in digital production technology when he joined an in-house team at Warner Bros. Animation. While there, he helped design and implement a fully digital animation production environment, which included a 100% fiber-optic server to desktop network . Warner Bros. AnimationAdditionally, he worked with Pacific Bell on a video and data metropolitan area network, connecting several LA based Warner facilities. Later, Ferger managed the early production operations of Warner Bros. Imaging Technology. Beyond new technology, he oversaw artists and engineers as they worked on special effects for a variety of movies, television shows and commercials.

CinebaseFrom 1994 to 1997, Ferger was Vice President of Design and Technology at Cinebase, Inc., a company he co-founded. He assumed the lead role in the design and development of the Cinebase software application, a digital media management system for the post production industry. He is named as co-inventor on the Cinebase patent. This advanced technology and his continued working knowledge of production environments inspired Ferger to start Synctrix, Inc in 1997.Synctrix Serving as Chairman and President, he achieved industry accolades and awards for his design and development of new technology to transport video over fiberoptic networks.

Looking to capitalize on his business experience, in 1999, Ferger became a partner in Angeles Ventures, a venture capital firm that incubated and formed startup business opportunities. Ferger was responsible for evaluating and managing venture opportunities. EmaimaiThe Angeles Ventures partnership lead to the formation of eMaiMai, an internet-based, auction site for the Hong Kong and Asian markets. Serving as the Chief Technical Officer, Ferger managed the engineering team responsible for the implementation of the website and server technologies.

ToonaciousFrom 2001 to 2007, Ferger served as President of Toonacious Family Entertainment, a company he co-founded. Toonacious created, developed and produced animated intellectual properties for direct-to-DVD and theatrical releases. As the company’s President, Ferger managed Toonacious’ business affairs, marketing, strategic partnerships and technology.

Ferger most recently served as President of ACH Federal in Chattanooga, TN, an early-stage electronic payment processing company with a direct relationship to the Federal Reserve. With expertise in planning, managing and growing early opportunities, Ferger took ACH Federal from a technology development stage company to an organization with ten bank clients within twelve months. ACH FederalThis placed the company on a steady track to achieve a cash positive position within 18 months. Ferger managed all aspects of the ACH Federal’s operations on behalf of the company’s founder.

Although Ferger is a 1988 graduate of the University of Tennessee with a BFA in Graphic Design, it is his years of knowledge gained through business and technology that have allowed him to obtain a wide diversity of experience and expertise in how to mature and grow business and technology opportunities into profitable ventures.

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